Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Something on the Horizon?

Wow. Has it really been almost a month since I've blogged? Time flies when you're never home.

Over the past ten weeks, I've basically spent every weekend travelling somewhere or another. This coming weekend is the first where I have nowhere to be, and you can bet your ass I'll go nowhere too. (Actually that's probably not true, but it's a nice dream.)

So what's up with Women's Studies? Well, before long there may be LOTS up with it. Unfortunately, I can't go into details quite yet. Soon though. I promise. However, let's just say that steps have been taken, interest has been shown, and Women's Studies inches ever closer toward the hands and hearts of an eagerly awaiting audience.

That's all I can say. And for those of you who have my contact information, hassling me about it won't get you any additional details. In fact, don't be surprised if you automatically get my voicemail, so let's hope there's no sort of life threatening emergency where you need me right at that moment.

In the meantime, I've been helping Gary Ugarek finish up his latest zombie epic, Deadlands 2: Trapped.

("Isn't that the one you wrote?" I hear you ask. No, it isn't. A deal is starting to move forward with that script as well, but again, things aren't quite to the point where details can be revealed. Plus, that'll be Gary's announcement to make, not mine.)

I don't really have an official title on DL2 though I'll be acting as Assistant Director on an upcoming shoot he has planned. (And if you have my contact info and want to help out, leave me one of those emergency voice/e-mails.) I've been acting as a consultant more than anything, being a second pair of eyes and ears for rough cuts, polishing a few script pages, and acting as a sounding board for different ideas. I've seen lots of clips and the movie is a vast improvement over Gary's first film, Deadlands: The Rising.

A première has been set for October 25th in Hagerstown, MD which since there's still stuff to be shot, makes me kind of nervous. But hey, it isn't my show, is it?

More on Deadlands 2: Trapped, including a trailer and screening information can be found at www.playingwithdeadthings.com .