Sunday, March 14, 2010

Women’s Studies Date Changes

Below is the latest Women's Studies press release with information on both our Pay-Per-View/Video-On-Demand release on May 1, 2010 as well as our NEW DVD release date which has been bumped up to June 8, 2010.

Women’s Studies finally on it’s Way to Audiences

VOD/Pay-Per-View Release May 1st, 2010

DVD Release June 8th, 2010

It’s a new year with new distribution for Northern VA based Ningen Manga Productions first feature film, Women’s Studies. Personifying the phrase “never give up”, they recently inked a deal to distribute the film. Who’s distributing? R-Squared Films, an Arizona based company who launched their first titles last year with a focus on new media, VOD, pay-per-download, and broadcast as well as traditional DVD release.

Not only do they have a new distributor, it’s also a new version of the film. The cut that R-Squared will be releasing May 1st and June 8th is streamlined: 10 minutes shorter than the initial cut of Women’s Studies, though footage and scenes have been added back in. Additionally, a voice over by the character of Mary, runs throughout the film, telling the story in a different perspective.

Director, Lonnie Martin, and his post-production crew went back and re-edited the film in August of 2009. “We were back at square one. The indie market faltered. Our first distributor pulled out. Needing to search for distribution all over again, we figured having a new product to show couldn’t hurt,” says Martin. “We’d all had a year to think about how the movie could be made better, so it was a blessing really, to be able to go back in and make some of the adjustments. I think the new cut is closer to my original vision. I’m pleased.”

And Ningen Manga Productions couldn’t be more pleased with R-Squared Films. “I’m excited to work with the team at R-Squared”, says Cindy Marie Martin who plays Mary in the film and co-produces with Lonnie. “They are very communicative, and their excitement about the film is contagious. Of course we’re excited about it, it’s our first baby and we know how much love and sweat went into it by all the cast and crew. With R2, we feel like they share our excitement about the film and we really feel like they believe in it. It’s in good hands.”

Cindy is also the marketing director for Ningen Manga Productions. What does she have in store for the lead up to the long anticipated Women’s Studies release? “We’re going to do some conventions, of course”, says Martin. “Our first convention is HorrorHound Weekend March 26-28 in Indianapolis. I’m already set to attend the convention as Helena, Hussy of Horror and take part in the Vampira Tribute they’re having, so we’ll take some Women’s Studies material with us. More convention appearances will be posted on the website as we confirm them. We also have some giveaways and contests up our sleeve that we’ll run in conjunction with various press outlets.”

“I get a lot of emails about when the movie is coming out,” adds Lonnie. “It’s really awesome that audiences are finally going to get a chance to see Women’s Studies.” Check your local cable/satellite provider for Pay-Per-View listings.

Monday, March 01, 2010

'WOMEN'S STUDIES' to be released on JUNE 15th.

So says Fangoria!

I know it's been awhile since I've blogged. I'm in the process of revamping the Ningen Manga Productions website which is going to incorporate a blog of some sort.

That said, you WILL be able to get all the Women's Studies release news here. Fear you not.

For now, save the date: June 15th.