Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The "No Update" Update

Ah, remember the days when every week was filled with musings from a young director, high on the excitement of producing his first film? Me neither.

Okay, so I went on vacation outside Vancouver, British Columbia which I believe is where I'd like to live out my days on this earth. Perfect weather. Nice people. Lovely landscape. Fantastic public transportation. Biker friendly. Groovy vibe. Mountains, beach, and city all within reach of each other. Yeah, I'll see you on the west coast.

Since I've been back, my writing time has been taken up by another project and I haven't really wanted to pull energy away from it. I can't talk about it quite yet, but I will say that there are some "industry eyes" waiting to look at it, which is kind of new and exciting. Hopefully, I'll be able to spill some details about it here in the next month or so, but not quite yet.

Besides, as far as Women's Studies goes, there's nothing to blog about anyway. The waiting game continues and probably will for a few more weeks. I will say that the same industry eyes looking at the script I'm working on may also get to take a look at Women's Studies which can be nothing but good. We'll see.

I know this is a horrible update. Sorry about that, but it's better than no blog at all, right?

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades

As you've likely noticed, the past few blogs have been done on a bi-weekly basis.

The reason for this is that we here at Women's Studies HQ are basically in a "sit and wait" period until we hear back from all the various festivals and press outlets we've sent copies of the film to. In all likelihood, it'll be August before most of these folks even think about getting back to us. My WS workload has decreased dramatically, and it's actually been quite nice not to have to deal with it on a daily basis.

I haven't done any kind of "retrospective" blog because I'd rather look forward than backwards, and I don't want to throw off my chi.

What I have done is look towards the future beyond Women's Studies and done work on some possible future projects. I know, I know. The running joke has been that asking me what I'm doing next could get you killed. The problem is that I'm something of a workaholic. With Women's Studies done and six weeks of lag time before I have to get out and heavily promote it, I'm itchy to work on something. Plus, if opportunity should knock I want to be ready to open the door.

First I brushed off a screenplay I wrote ten years ago called Strangling Desdemona. It's about a hit man who wants out of the business and his corporate boss who gets him in WAY deeper. If you're a long time Ningen Manga-loid, you'll know that I self-published the first pages of the script as a comic book at the end of the millennium. (Buy a copy! Only one dollar! It actually costs more for me to send it to you than it does for you to purchase it.)

The Strangling Desdemona script is for sale, by they way. Hey, and the first few pages are already storyboarded! Amazingly enough, it's in pretty good shape after ten years. I just had to do a touch up here and a clean-up there. Then it was ready to send out to whoever might want to see it. (Agents? Studios? Investors? Send me an email.)

For the past couple of months, I've stewed on both a brand new idea and revisiting another old script that I really like a lot, but could use a serious rewrite. As time went by, I decided the new idea was good enough that it would keep and that my heart was really into the old script. (Which by the way, was the full length horror script I wrote right before the original Women's Studies script. . . the one I told you about in the last blog.) It's about a possibly cursed corn farm, the family who owns it, and the town surrounding it. Earlier this week I started working on a rewrite. What I want to do with it is such an overhaul, that it's almost like working on a brand new script. Or maybe it just feels that good to be writing again. And while I'm not settling on anything for my "next project" right now, this feels pretty right.

But who knows? Creatively speaking I have a lot of open space in front of me at this point in time. I want to explore it up and down before I really settle into anything. Besides, I have a feeling that come August, Women's Studies, fickle needy mistress that she is will once again show up on my doorstep with some crazy demand. Frankly, I'll be really happy to see her.

# # #

No blog next week, as I'm going to stay on the bi-weekly schedule for just a wee bit longer. Look for the next one on Tuesday, July 22.