Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The "No Update" Update

Ah, remember the days when every week was filled with musings from a young director, high on the excitement of producing his first film? Me neither.

Okay, so I went on vacation outside Vancouver, British Columbia which I believe is where I'd like to live out my days on this earth. Perfect weather. Nice people. Lovely landscape. Fantastic public transportation. Biker friendly. Groovy vibe. Mountains, beach, and city all within reach of each other. Yeah, I'll see you on the west coast.

Since I've been back, my writing time has been taken up by another project and I haven't really wanted to pull energy away from it. I can't talk about it quite yet, but I will say that there are some "industry eyes" waiting to look at it, which is kind of new and exciting. Hopefully, I'll be able to spill some details about it here in the next month or so, but not quite yet.

Besides, as far as Women's Studies goes, there's nothing to blog about anyway. The waiting game continues and probably will for a few more weeks. I will say that the same industry eyes looking at the script I'm working on may also get to take a look at Women's Studies which can be nothing but good. We'll see.

I know this is a horrible update. Sorry about that, but it's better than no blog at all, right?


Brandon said...

Well there are some people who need our blog update fix. I do expect that if you wait this long to blog AND go vaction we expect to see pictures of some kind. Just a little advice from a person going crazy from waiting.

Tara* said...

I'm sure you've made Melisa very happy. ;)

Jim said...

If a blog falls in the forest and Melisa's not mentioned, is it really a blog at all?

luvstoresearch said...


I'm hearing that "Women's Studies" has been released. Is this true? Where is it going to show? Any festivals that you can list yet?