Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Uncle Harlan is a God Among Men

In light of recent events and my first real exposure to creative decision making on large(r) budget films over the past few weeks, I'll let the great Harlan Ellison do my blog for me.


MBS said...

First, I completely agree with him in that writers and all artists should be paid for their work. Not only is it how a capitalist economy works (you get paid for goods and services provided), it's also a sign of respect and that you see that the work has value and worth.

I do not agree with him blaming the amateurs. The "system" is very hard to get into and many people do things for free so they can build a name and credits so that they can get paid. It's unfortunate that this happens and people feel they have to do this but it's not their fault. Place the blame where it belongs: the companies with lots of money who take advantage. Don't kid yourself or anyone else that sees this that Warner Bros is going to negotiate with someone who has no kind of following or credits or industry interest. Don't tell people who are just starting that if they make an amazing script, people with money are going to actual put them on equal footing as themselves.
The buyer is in control. Sure, the seller can change prices and make a good product and entice the buyer, but ultimately it's the buyer's money and they can choose to part with it or not. Let's look again at "Boondock Saints". amazing script, fantastic movie, could have made a lot of money for any company especially one that could have done a lot of advertising. But they decided not too because they didn't have to and they have the ultimate decision.

Blame the ones who have the control to change it and lets not stomp on those who are just trying to figure it out.

Jim said...

Maybe it's not the amateurs screwing it up for him so much as it is his being a cantankerous old bastard that people are less-than-anxious to deal with.

Gary said...

Well my thoughts are that yes, since it is WB they should pay him, they can afford it and B% has enough of a following that they woul dmake the money back. However, blaming us, or amateurs for that state of mind is BS. I agree with MBS on this in that we need to get in the door so we will make compromises, and I am sure at one point in his career he made those same ones too.

Remember Harlan, you too were once an Amateur.