Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Web of Surprise

Just a short Women's Studies blog update this week, and not for lack of things to talk about. It's actually because Cindy and I have been swamped. I'm exhausted.

I know. I know. I promised a couple weeks ago that I'd reveal some of the cast. Plus, I've been buzzing about this "September Surprise" or some such nonsense. Now, I see the doubt in your eyes. You're starting to think I'm one of those boys, the kind that whispers sweet nothings and tells untrue secrets in order to make you think he's really good. A really nice boy. You think I'm the kind of boy that the Ross-Prentiss academy girls would like to teach a thing or two about leading people on, a thing or two that probably involves very sharp knives.

Of course, I never thought that was in question.

The "September Surprise" will actually be the "Orgasmic October 1st Opening!"

"October?!? Lonnie, you naughty fibber!!!"

Hang on, now. Notice it's the first of October. That's only one day after September ends. So, I really just told a little white lie, one that really is pretty close to the truth, and if it's that friendly, intimate even, with the truth, it's not really hurting anybody, now is it?

Version 2.0 of the Women's Studies website will go live on Sunday evening, October 1.

It will reveal the six intelligent, beautiful, and fascinating women we've cast in Women's Studies. Sometime after the site's debut, I'll be featuring the cast here in a two-part blog.

If you think that's not much of a surprise, that's because the real surprise will be within the site itself. Cindy and I are quite excited about it all. It's going to be very interesting, maybe even a little bad, but you don't mind, do you?

# # #

This is as good a time as any to give props to Ningen Manga's webmaster, Doug Clayton. Doug's Hivemind Studios designed the site for our first short film, First Session, as well as the first iteration of the Women's Studies site. He's a solid guy, always ready and willing to help out. Cindy and I truly appreciate him. He does quality work, never complains, and only demands that I somehow get him listed on the IMDb. More on Doug can be found at eDoug.


Denny said...

Hey, what about me?! ;-)

Lonnie said...

What about you, Denny Clayton, webmaster of ningenmanga.com, which is run by http://www.hyperial.net ? Are you feeling unloved?

Denny said...

Thank you! ;-) hehe. Just a little bit after answering emails as early as 7am and late as 1am. But that's ok.

http://www.hyperial.net is my domain registration.

http://www.hyperial.com is the primary site.