Tuesday, May 29, 2007

First Session

Today we kicked off the first day of production on Women's Studies, which if I may be allowed a brief moment of self-congratulation was a great success.

Don't get me wrong, conditions were less than optimal. The Ningen Manga gremlins indeed showed their ugly faces. We were shorthanded on crew. Lighting conditions weren't the most ideal. (Director of Photography Aaron Shirley commented that he felt like he was shooting underwater.) Yet none of that is what defined the day. In fact, the day was defined by how we overcame the obstacles put in front of us.

Plus, it was just a blast to be shooting on location. This is what all the lead up has been for . . . to get out there and create something.

I'm going to go ahead and let some of the pictures we took speak for the day, but a big shout out to the cast, crew, and extras who showed up and gave 110% today.

Here's to the beginning . . .

DP Aaron Shirley and Camera Operator Thomas Fant set up the jib for "Mary's Reveal."

Sound Guys
Sound crew Sean Russell and Kevin Nowak always get the best spots to hang out in.

Director Lonnie Martin and DP Aaron Shirley review a shot on playback.

Adam Schreck
Adam Schreck slates a shot.

Cindy Marie Martin (Mary) prepares for the scene.

Director Lonnie Martin works with actors Cindy Marie Martin, Danielle Dike, and Sami Bashore.

Shooting a scene from Women's Studies.


Jim said...

Congrats kiddies

Melisa said...

I'm totally jealous and can't wait to start shooting.

Joey said...

How comes no one asks me to come out anymore? I can hold long poles. :)

Brandon said...

I'm sorry I missed it! I will be there for the hookers and cocaine scene though. Please don't say that's been cut.

Tara said...

Woohoo! I get to play tomorrow!