Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Secrets & Lies

We got a lot of great pictures from this past week's shoot with Judith O'Dea (Senator Hamlin). However, I realized while going through them that I can't post most of them without giving away some major plot points of Women's Studies. Hopefully, you'll get some sense of how the three days with her went.

They were emotionally charged scenes, but Judith and Cindy Marie Martin (Mary) were up the the task. The crew fed off of the actors emotional intensity, and the actors seemed to draw energy from the crew's enthusiasm for the scene. Again, I can't really talk about it in detail, but trust me . . . it'll be something worth waiting for.

We're also officially halfway through principle photography at this point which is pretty awesome. Granted,we have a lot of film to shoot, but it's nice to look in my script and see as many pages marked out as not. We're on target to finish up sometime in September though I imagine we'll be shooting pick-ups through the autumn months. Still, the end of the tunnel, while not quite visible is there. I celebrated the milestone by sleeping at least eight hours a night for multiple nights.

The next blog could likely be short as Tuesday falls right in the middle of a major shoot. I'll try to have something though. Until Then . . .

Women's Studies
Left to Right: Greg Pass, Director Lonnie Martin, Unit Production Manager Kurt Gustafson

Judith O'Dea
Judith O'Dea (Senator Hamlin) poses for a publicity photo.

Shot List
Lonnie Martin works through a scene.

Setting Up
L to R: Boom Operator Kevin Nowak, Lonnie Martin, Camera Operator Thomas Fant, Cindy Marie Martin (Mary), 1st AC Laurel Keller

Joey Cabrera applies make-up to James A. Radack (Zack).

Judith O'Dea
Lonnie Martin rehearses a scene with Judith O'Dea and Cindy Marie Martin as the cast and crew look on.

Martha Huggins
Martha Huggins grabs a quick snack in betwen shots.

Green Room
The green room just gets stranger and stranger.

Cindy Marie Martin and Judith O'Dea relax for a moment.

Mundy and Sean
Art Director Stephanie Petagno and Assistant Joey Cabrera prepare a scene with Judith O'Dea.


Anonymous said...

Would love to know, film or play? And when and where?

Kurt said...


Trailer to be released this weekend.

When will be sometime in 2008.