Wednesday, November 28, 2007

"Smokin' Hot"

Since the blog is late for no good reason this week, I'm going to try and make up for it by posting a bunch of pictures of "smokin' hot," half-dressed women.

The pictures below are all from the "Strip Club scenes." You might find it ironic that a film dealing with feminism has scenes that take place in a strip club. My defense is that it's not stripping but burlesque dancing these ladies are doing. Closed-minded people might scoff at that but believe me my friends, there is a difference. In fact, I'm about as proud of these scenes as I am of any in the movie.

Besides, a little over a year ago, Arrow in the Head did a short piece on Women's Studies in which the author referred to our cast as "smokin' hot." During the shoot, the Lady Killers wore that label like a badge of honor. We even put the quote in our press kit it became such a motif. Now, I don't want to sound superficial, but he had a point. If Women's Studies offers nothing else, it easily has one of the most attractive casts of any independent film out there.

My co-producer, Cindy Marie Martin, doesn't like it when I boil the concept of Women's Studies down to "hot chicks with knives," but I don't mean it in any sexist way. This film is about sex and death, and both are presented in ways that are thoughtful and intelligent if that's what you're after. However, if you just want to look at pretty girls do ultra-violent things to dudes (and other ladies) with sharp objects, this movie will work for you too.

I guess that sounds kind of base, but in many ways isn't that the whole point of a horror film? To appeal to the baser instincts? Throughout a lot of this production, various people involved (myself included) have done a lot to try and convince themselves they're working on some socially important critique on extremism and modern society. On one level it is. It has to be, because I'm not sure it's in me to make somethng that doesn't work on multiple levels. That said, let's be honest: Many people probably aren't going to want to see this film on a purely intellectual level. So lets call it what on another level it is: Exploitation.

"There, I said it! I said the dreaded "E" word! Fuck art! Fuck meaning! Hot chicks with knives! What's Women's Studies about? It's a comic book movie about hot chicks with knives."

And you know what? There's nothing wrong with that. I've spent a great deal of time feeling ashamed of myself for making this movie. I've listened to people tell me about how I need to "be careful what I put out into the world." "You've got to be careful of offending this group or that group or this other group." Because I've heard these things, I've worked very hard to try and make sure people understand the film isn't anti-feminist, anti-woman, or anti-pagan. (Another irony, if the film is anything? It's anti-violence. Sure, it's from the Natural Born Killers school of anti-violence film, but that shouldn't matter. Should it?)

In the end though, it doesn't matter what I tell people because they're going to draw their own conclusions anyway.

You want to know the truth? The secret truth folks? If when this film is done, somebody comes up to me and says, "You're the dude who made that movie about the smokin' hot chicks with knives." As long as they're not pissed off with me, I'm just fine with that. Even if they are pissed off at me, there's probably not a whole lot I can do about it, so I guess I'm fine with that too.

# # #

Women's Studies
Fight Choreographer Shanna Beauchamp (Black Widow Waitress) and Stef Williams (Black Widow Burlesque Dancer) take a rest between shots.

Women's Studies
Stef Williams (Black Widow Burlesque Dancer) strikes an "Oh! how did this happen?" pose.

Women's Studies
Amber Connors (Black Widow Bartender/Dancer) looks on as Tara Garwood (Judith) works out her dance with Stef Williams (Black Widow Burlesque Dancer).

Women's Studies
Director Lonnie Martin talks over an intimate scene with Taisha Cameron (Amy) and Kevin Finklestein (Keith).

Women's Studies
"Lonnie, do these scratches make my box look fat?"

Women's Studies
This picture pretty much sums up the Women's Studies experience for Co-Producers Cindy Marie Martin (Mary) and Lonnie Martin.

Women's Studies
Ryan Mulkay (Cop #1) really doesn't seem as concerned as he should about Amber Connors (Black Widow Bartender/Dancer) and the knife she's holding.

Women's Studies
Shanna Beauchamp (Black Widow Waitress) is ready to @#$% you up!

Women's Studies
"It's okay. You can trust me."

Women's Studies
Ryan Mulkay (Cop #1) in a scene from Women's Studies.

Women's Studies
Cindy Marie Martin (Mary) and Tara Garwood (Judith) in a scene from Women's Studies.

And finally, four "smokin' hot" portraits or four "smokin' hot" ladies:

Women's Studies
Stef Williams as the Black Widow Burlesque Dancer.

Women's Studies
Amber Connors as the Black Widow Bartender/Dancer.

Women's Studies
Cindy Marie Martin as Mary.

Women's Studies
Tara Garwood as Judith.


MickFlicks said...

I believe it was Freddie Mercury who once said, "Fat boxed-ed girls, you make the rockin' world go 'round."

But then again he named his band "Queen" so what the fuck did he know?

Brandon said...

I say F$&K'em. You will always piss someone off. So go out and just do it! If you pick the people you piss off then you will know who to look out for. Everybody will draw different conclusions as to what this film is about and why you wrote it, and you can't do alot about that. Unless you tell everybody what to draw from this film and then what's the point of art. If we did that it would be an outcome base educatated world which would make us all cookie cutter people. At this point you will not change the minds of people who have already made thier's up, so just sit back, drink a beer, watch some cartoons, and relax.

Brandon said...

On a side note I should have skipped work for this shoot. Damn I miss all the good ones. :(

Tara* said...

"Lonnie, do these scratches make my box look fat?" - Best photo quote EV-AH! Seriously, though, do they?

Brandon said...

"Rest satisfied with doing well, and leave others to talk of you as they please." Pythagoras (582 BC - 507 BC)

I just read this and it seemed to fit perfectly.

Joey said...

1. I personally signed on to work for the hot chicks with knifes. I was not disappointed.

2. The only reason I'll be watching is hot chicks with knives. Don't disappoint me.

3. I will disappoint anyone who watches it and gets more out of it than hot chicks with knives.

4. Tara's box doesn't look fat...its is fat. I mean we shoved a g*d d*mn knife in there. And by we I mean me. :)