Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Staying Upright

Sorry there was no blog last week. There likely won't be one next week either. Criminal, I know.

Women's Studies has really become a full time job again over the past couple of weeks. I feel a little like I'm skiing ahead of an avalanche. No thoughts of fancy tricks or reaching the end of the slope. All energy is focused on simply staying upright.

There's not a whole lot I really feel like talking about. It's all minutia, technical hiccups, and trying to stay on deadlines that seem to be constantly shifting. Things I thought were figured out aren't. Things I though were set in stone turn fluid in an instant.

A movie is a fickle thing. You think you have it and then you step away and all of sudden, it's not right. Then you think you get it right again and send out for someone else to work on, and that someone else goes, "Are you sure?" Then you remind yourself, "Doubt is the enemy." But so is over-confidence. It's a high wire act on a very thin line.

I feel a little too close to the movie these days, but I don't really feel like I have the time or luxury to step away. Of course, next week I'm being forced to step away. I'm leaving to bike a hundred miles down Key West come Saturday. Plans for the trip were made months ago, but I feel like the timing is just awful. My baby needs me, and I'm basically going on vacation.

Right now, I'm trying to get everything to a point where I can leave and the project won't implode, or worse, stop.

No fancy tricks. Don't even think about the end. Just stay upright.


Mc said...

You're doing just fine, buddy. Keep yer head up.

MBS said...

I can;t even be mad at ya for the lack of blogs. I'm just glad I'm not your scapegoat this time. And although you may be upset to go away for awhile, I'm sure it'll do you good. Especially getting in the sun some :)