Wednesday, May 12, 2010

DVD Sneak Peek - Watch the Women's Studies "Prequel"

To celebrate the June 8th DVD release of Women's Studies, Ningen Manga Productions' feature length movie about a women's academy where female empowerment is something to kill for, the filmmakers are giving audiences an early look at some of the special features included on the DVD.

First up is a deleted scene introduced by writer/director Lonnie Martin, The Black Widow "Prequel," the sequence that originally opened the movie. It chronicles the tale of three frat boys who think they're in for a night of strippers and fun, but end up having a party that's far more sinister. See, the nightclub they go to is run by the ladies of the Ross-Prentiss Women's Academy, so the last thing these boys are getting out of tonight is a good time.

Check out The Black Widow "Prequel" from Women's Studies here:

Ningen Manga Productions will release a total of four (4) sneak peeks of DVD extras every Tuesday in the month leading up to the June 8th DVD release. Be sure to check the official site, , to get the latest information. And don't forget to pre-order your copy of Women's Studies via Amazon.

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