Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Three Preview Clips from 'Women's Studies!' Another DVD Sneak Peek!

For the third of four (4) weeks of sneak previews of WOMEN'S STUDIES, the soon to be released feature-length horror film about The Ross-Prentiss Women's Academy where female empowerment is taken to murderous extremes, Ningen Manga Productions is releasing three clips from the movie, as well as a sneak peeks of a DVD extra!

First up is a clip of Mary (Cindy Marie Martin) expressing her frustration with some young women's disinterest in women's rights to Senator Gayle Hamlin (Judith O'Dea, Barabra from Night of the Living Dead).

Watch it here:

Then there's a clip of Beth (Melisa Breiner-Sanders) being confronted by Ross-Prentiss students Judith (Tara Grawood) and Diane (Kelley Slagle).

Watch it here:

The final clip shows Iris (Laura Bloechl) and the ladies of Ross-Prentiss including Melissa (Tiffany James) at the home of Iris' parents to right the wrongs of her father.

Watch it here:

Also this week is a two-and-a-half minute excerpt from the "Lady Killers on Women's Studies" featurette, a conversation about themes and characters in Women's Studies. The clip features footage from a deleted scene, as well as interviews with writer/director Lonnie Martin, producer/actor Cindy Marie Martin, and actors Tara Garwood, Kelley Slagle, and Melisa Breiner-Sanders.

Check out an excerpt from the "Lady Killers on Women's Studies" featurette here:

WOMEN'S STUDIES will be released on DVD JUNE 8. 2010 through the Big Bite Entertainment label at R-Squared Films, and is currently available for pre-order via Amazon. Look for a final special feature to be released next Tuesday leading up to the DVD release.

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