Tuesday, July 10, 2007

School Daze

It was just like being back in college, except I wasn't drunk.

We shot more of the "dorm room" dialogue scenes for Women's Studies this past weekend. Things went quite well. The dynamic of the characters is really developing nicely. Also, we got some spectacular footage. The HD looks absolutely beautiful.

I'm being extremely lazy on the blog this week due to the fact that we have one of our biggest shoots coming up this weekend. Hey, but pictures are worth a thousand words, so I wrote a 12,000 word blog this week. That's got to be some kind of record, huh? Right?


Mundy Spears (Sharon), Tiffany James (Melissa), and Art Director Stephanie Petagno along with a crapload of make-up.

Sound Engineer Sean Russell and Boom Operator Kevin Nowak wait while the scene is set.

On the Bed
Tiffany James (Melissa), Camera Operator Thomas Fant, and Laura Bloechl (Iris) take direction.

Kelley Slagle (Diane) gets into character.

Laura and Mundy
Laura Bloechl (Iris) and Mundy Spears (Sharon).

Just Say No
Boom Operator Kevin Nowak is tempted by the heathen devil tobacco of Tiffany James (Melissa). Just say "NO," Kevin!

Laura Bloechl (Iris) rehearses a scene as Director Lonnie Martin looks on.

Laurel and Aaron
Camera Assistant Laurel Keller and Director of Photography Aaron Shirley are caught by surprise.

From L to R: Tara Garwood (Judith), Lonnie Martin, Unit Production Manager Kurt Gustafson, Kelley Slagle (Diane)

Mundy and Sean
Mundy Spears (Sharon) looks on while Sound Engineer Sean Russell makes sound adjustments.

Iris and Judith
Laura Bloechl (Iris) and Tara Garwood (Judith) clown around on set.

Herr Direcktor at the end of the shoot, exhausted but pleased.

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