Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Your Mom is an Enormous Nun Who Can't Play Tennis

My forehead is sun burnt and my hair smelled of bad Chinese food before I washed it.

I'm a bit tired and loopy, so this blog will probably seem pretty random.

The Women's Studies cast and crew had some good times over the past three days. I think it was because we were all just glad to be doing dialogue scenes instead of scenes that involved combat, hiking up a mountain, or stopping traffic on a blind hill at midnight, which we did this past Friday night . . . or Saturday morning . . . You know what I mean.

Melisa Breiner Sanders (Beth) was around to do some of her scenes. She's short and makes fun of your mom. After eight hours of working with her, EVERYBODY was making fun of everybody else's mom. It kept things light though.

We have schizophrenic Production Assistants. I mean, the PAs themselves are not actually schizophrenic, but the scheduling of them is. One day we'll have like five of them, and the next day we'll have none. On Monday we had none and we could have used five. Today, we had four and could have used two.

We could use more PAs on this film in case you're interested. There's no pay and we'll probably make fun of you and/or your mom. However, you'll be well fed and caffeinated, and I'll guarantee you'll laugh your ass off at least once. Trust me on this.

All right. That's all I have to say. The only thing saving this blog from being filed under "lamest ever" is that fact that there are pictures from the various shoots. They're not the pictures I took of Melisa's mom, but they'll have to do.

Outdoor Shot
Everyone gets ready for a big outdoor shot.

Cindy Marie Martin (Mary) has make-up applied by Art Director Stephanie Petagno.

Aaron and Zhibo
DP Aaron Shirley and Zhibo Lai set up some lights.

Low Angle
Director Lonnie Martin explains a low angle shot.

Cindy and Carlyn
Cindy Marie Martin and Carlyn Paschall wait patiently for the shot to roll.

Zack's Apartment
Lonnie Martin and Aaron Shirley set up for "Zack's Apartment."

Melisa Breiner Sanders
Melisa Breiner Sanders (Beth) is ready for her close-up.

Aaron Shirley readies the camera.

From left to right: Lonnie Martin, James A.Radack (Zack), Melisa Briener Sanders (Beth), and Camera Operator Thomas Fant.

Camera Crew
The camera crew is ready to roll.

Melisa Water
Melisa Breiner Sanders brings the crew some water.

Your Mom
Your mom is a lonely mike stand.


Brandon said...

"Lamest Blog Everrrrr" Statement taken from the comic book guy off of the Simpsons.

Melisa said...

your mom is the lamest blog ever

Brandon said...

How do you know my mom?