Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Backyard Movies


(Seriously, a pretty big Women's Studies plot point is revealed in the pictures below, so if you're avoiding that sort of thing, don't read any further. I know. I know. the curiousity is killing you, and how could I put you in this position. You know something? Self-control. Try using some.)

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Back in the late seventies, many low-budget, indie horror films in the Women's Studies vein were referred to as "backyard movies." The definition is a film with no studio backing, made by a bunch of dedicated filmmakers with no promise of distribution, only a hope. The idea is that the films were "shot in somebody's backyard." (Stephen King credits mystery/film critic Chris Steinbrenner as coining the term, so I will too.)

Whether or not many of these films actually were shot in a backyard depends on the film. Rest assured, one shot of Women's Studies was indeed shot in my back yard. Well, side yard.

It's not entirely uncommon. Hell, even the big boys do it. Spielberg shot pick-ups for Jaws in a friend's backyard swimming pool.

Below are some pictures from what was an incredibly inventive and fun pick-up shoot featuring Kelley "Diane" Slagle.

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Women's Studies
"What'd you put dirt in my hole for, boy?!?"

Women's Studies
It's not a bomb. We swear. No really.

Women's Studies
Get a piece of the rock.

Women's Studies
You know what they say about girls who wear black bras, don't you? And have tattoos? And let happy Joeys paint blood all over them?

Women's Studies
"Is she dead? Kick her! See if she's dead!"

Women's Studies
Lick The Slagle. You'll totally trip balls.


Kelley said...

It's only a flesh wound.

Tara* said...

That is one HOT Slagle! I wish I'd been there to see it in person!

Brandon said...

"Cool Hand Luke" I love that movie! I would like to know what are they doing to my rock? Will there be licking of the Slagle at the wrap party?