Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I Went to Bed Instead of Writing Yesterday's Blog.

Horrifyingly unacceptable, isn't it?

I was beat though. The Women's Studies cast, crew, and I shot all day yesterday and the day before. Due to the time constraints set by the location and actors' schedules, we had to work at a breakneck pace that kept me moving constantly. By the time I wound down with dinner and a couple of beers, exhaustion hit me like a freight train and I had to run some REM cycles.

I thought I'd make up for it for by posting a ton of pictures from the shoots, but "Ha!" The joke was on me. It turns out all the good pictures were taken on the camera owned by our Gaffer, Jim Housell. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get them from him. Therefore, you'll have to settle for the few pictures I managed to drum up from my personal camera.

I know, I know. Late Blog. Sub-par pictures. Somebody fire this guy.

Next week I'll post some of the good pictures. Plus I'll be able to report not only on this shoot, but the one we're doing tomorrow with Tara Garwood (Judith) and Cindy Marie Martin (Mary). It's a humdinger.

Until then . . .

# # #

Women's Studies
Mundy Spears (Sharon), Cindy Marie Martin (Mary), and Tara Garwood (Judith) out of costume at a friend's wedding. Yes, we have actual lives outside of this movie. Well, some of us do.

Women's Studies
The camera department works with the steadicam. From L to R: Director of Photography Aaron Shirley, Camera Assistant Laurel Keller, Camera Operator Thomas Fant.

Women's Studies
Tears for the dead.

Women's Studies
"I went out the desert and I killed this guy." Stef Williams (Black Widow Burlesque Dancer) tells her tale.

Women's Studies
Jack of all trades Joey Cabrera rummages through his make-up kit.

Women's Studies
Fight Choreographer Shanna Beauchamp (Black Widow Waitress) exudes total hotness while a blurry Joey Cabrera throws gang signs in the background.

Women's Studies
Josh Davidson (Revels) touches up a tattoo for Stef Williams (Black Widow Burlesque Dancer).

Women's Studies
"All right, what have I told people about playing around with props? It's all fun and games until Josh takes a knife to the chest."


Brandon said...

Unprofessional!!! How did Cindy let this happen?

Melisa said...

why did the dancer steal Beth's sunglasses? ;)